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The good health of the person signifies the proper functioning of the body organs and normal physiological mechanisms in the body. The overall health of the body includes oral hygiene too.

There are various problems with the dental cavity. All the problems of the oral cavity can be avoided by maintaining good oral hygiene.

Teeth are precious gifts from nature. It should be properly maintained throughout your life. Once the permanent tooth falls off, it cannot be grown once again naturally. 

Several measures can be taken to attain oral hygiene. 

Vedas Cure is the leading Ayurvedic Company that offers the treatment solution to the patients in an herbal formulation. The formulation is proved to be free from side effects and adverse reactions in the body. 

To maintain oral hygiene and restrain ourselves from developing various oral diseases, Vedas Cure offers Irimedadi Oil formulation.

  • it is highly beneficial for maintaining cleanliness and treats halitosis.
  • Enamel is the outermost covering of the tooth. This layer protects the teeth from the sensitivity of extreme hot or cold food items. Irimedadi oil protects this layer and improves the longevity of the teeth.
  • Swollen gums, bleeding gums, loose gums are various gum diseases. It helps treat various disorders. It provides strength to the gums and prevents bleeding and swelling.
  • Halitosis is most commonly seen in people.It is the best solution to treat halitosis. It can also be used in children and adults.
  • Leftover food or food residues causes tooth decay. If a single tooth starts to decay it affects the nearby teeth also. Irimedadi oil helps to prevent tooth decay.




Take approx. 15ml of oil and rinse the mouth. Do not gargle or swallow the oil. Spit it off after rinsing the mouth.

Repeat every day for better results.



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